Caesar Business Angels join a select circle of investors in The Nu Company

Are you thinking about tomorrow? Or, are you acting about it now? We prefer to do the latter and so do the three founders of The Nu Company. Basing themselves out of Leipzig, the founding team is committed to showing the world that a sustainable way of doing business is possible and not at the expense of enjoyment and delight. The Nu Company has developed a unique range of products of which Nu+Cao is maybe its most prominent one. A full-bodied organic-vegan choc bar that comes with 60% less sugar and a favourable glycemic index making it the better choice for a comforting snack between meals. „Its only seven ingredients recipe surprises with hemp seeds and coconut blossom sugar“, Gregor Unger, a Partner at Caesar Business Angels (CBA) explains. All of it is plastic-free and for every bar, a tree is planted – more than 2 Mio to-date. Caesar Business Angels have invested a significant six-digit Euro amount. „We are delighted to be part of the journey and strongly believe in the founders‘ vision and their ability to put it into action and are looking forward to assisting the founding team in whatever way possible“, as Dr.-Ing Sebastian Büchte, another one of  Caesar Business Angels’ six partners, puts it.

About Caesar Business Angels: Our Group of individual Entrepreneurs, Corporate Managers, Strategy Consultants, Lawyers and Bankers with diverse sector experience on a global scale invests in scalable business models. We contribute to a portfolio company with our experience and broad network. We are looking for strong, complementary founder teams and superior self-starter attitude. Our investment scope is industry agnostic but we prioritize scaleable and potentially disruptive business models in asset-light industries.